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Rotary Gear Pump filler , Liquid Metering Systems or  Pump filling machines are able to fill low to high viscosity liquid product. Our pump fillers may be equipped with sanitary gear or lobe pumps to match your application.

Linear Servo-Driven Pump Fillers from Multipack can fill up to 12 containers at the same time with virtually any product from thin and foamy to thick and stringy. It is recommended for a wide variety of products including gear pump filler machine for cosmetics, personal care, food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more. Liquid filling machine is majorely used for filling free flowing liquids.
Liquid filling machine also known as liquid filler and liquid dispenser which is suitable to fill 1ml to 5000ml of any liquid in bottles,cans,jars,tubs
Liquid filling is automatic filling machine runs of volumetric filling principle.
Liquid filling machine is widely used for milk filling, bottle filling, jar filling, container filling,oil filling,ointment filling, shampoo filling, juice filling, liquor filling, perfume filling, wine filling,can filling, food product filling.
Filling by liquid filling machine is completely drip free and accurate in weight.
Liquid filling machines are mostly used in pharmaceutical filling & food filling as a filler or dispenser
Desired speed can be achieved by liquid filling machine bu adding filling heads
Major liquid fillers are available in 2,4,6,8 heads
Liquid Filling machine can produce 50-200 bottles per minute by adding maultiple heads to filler head
Vineger filling, perfume filling are used in liquid filling machine.
Semi-Viscouse liquid can be accurately filled by liquid filler machine
Lube oil filling machine & engine oil filling machine are catagories of liquid filling machine.
Lots of lube oil filling & engine oil filling companies adopt similar technology machine of liquid filling machine.
Cosmetic shampoo filling & perfume filling machines are also fall in liquid filling machine category.
Vineger filling machine is example of gravimetric liquid filling machine.
Lots of wine filling & liquor filling are handle on our liquid filling machine.
Spirit filling machine has similar design of liquid filling machine.
Liquid packaging machine and packaging machinery are majorely used on high speed liquid production industries.
Accurate filling level control by diaphragm pump not necessary to adjust machine when filling volume changed.
Suitable for wide range liquid characteristic even high viscosity.
Touch screen control for easy graphical user interface.
Automatically stopping machine system by detecting the shortage of bottles.
All stainless construction meeting cG.M.P. requirements.
Easy cleaning up,low maintenance.
Pharmaceutical liquid, chemical liquid, cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, sauces,syrups, oil, beverages,etc. Also gear pump filling most suitable for Agro Chemical Liquid Bottle Filling Line such as Agro Chemical Pesticide Liquid Bottle Filling Machine, Automatic Screw Cap Sealing Machine, Induction Sealing Machine and Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine.
Technical Details
Capacity 10~70 bottles/min
Filling Volume 300~1500 ml(1500ml~5000ml also available for special order)
Filling Nozzles 2~12 Nozzles (depend on capacity & filling volume)
Compressed Air 3~6kg/cm2
Power Supply AC 110/220V 60/50Hz Single Phase
Power Consumption 1/4 HP
Machine Weight 350 kg
Gross Weight 500 Kgs
Packing Size 2590mm x 870mm x 2300mm

We specialize in manufacturing of Automatic and semi automatic Liquid filling machine, Viscous Liquid filling machine, Paste filler , Pickle filling machine , granules filler Aseptic Filling, Stoppering & Closing Machine (Vial / Eye-Drop) , Automatic Liquid Filing, Plugging, & Capping Machine, Liquid Filling & Capping Machine Monoblock , High Viscosity Liquid Filling Machine,  Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine, Level Control Liquid Filling Machine, Semi-Automatic Volumeteric Liquid Filling Machine, Semi-Automatic Level Control Liquid Filling Machine, Automatic Capping Machine, also Some of the most widely used filling equipments are powder filling machine, gravity filler machine, Auto piston fillers machines, rotary bottle filler , tube filler machine, hazardous filler, pressure bottle filler, biomedical bottle filling machine, reagents bottle filling machine, chemicals bottle filler, solvents bottle filler, alcohols bottle filling machine, extracts bottle filling line, oils bottle filler, corrosive filling line. Also Our Liquid Filling Machine can be used for eye drops , vials , Syrups , Shampoo , Shower gel , Lotions , Liquid Soap , Oil (Motor and cooking oil) , Dish Washing Liquid , Detergent , Sucrose , Honey , Beverages , Pharmaceutical & Chemical Liquid or similar products. Filling / plugging / capping process.


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We manufacture and export Gear Pump Filling Machine, Inline Gear Pump Filling Machine , Gear Pump Base Liquid Filler machine at comparatively lowest price with excellent after sales service across the globe. Our customer support department comprising of experts in various branches of engineering are always ready to attend to any urgent requirement of maintenance or after sales service from our valued customers. Our regional offices are also equipped with qualified service technicians to attend to regional customer’s service calls promptly. A separate team of service personnel for our international customers is always on its toe to proceed to any location world over. We have trained engineers deputed at some of our international agent’s place for quick after sales service.